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Plant Nutrients – Part 2 – Benefits Of Nitrogen, Blood Meal And Potassium For Plumeria Plants

Bob Allen Walsh Nitrogen is an essential component of Chlorophyll, the green pigment in plant cells, which next to nitrogen also contains magnesium, carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. Chlorophyll is a vital catalyst in the production of carbohydrates by using the sun’s energy in the process called Photosynthesis. During Photosynthesis hydrogen is combined with carbon dioxide […]

Orchid Plants – Their Wonderful Secrets and Benefits Revealed

Helen C. Fields An orchid is a magnificent image of beauty and elegance. Choosing to grow your own orchid plants is indeed a richly rewarding experience. A lot of people may have the wrong impression that orchid plants are quite hard to grow and to maintain, but they couldn’t be more wrong! Taking care of […]

Herb Garden Plants – Bulbinella – Better Than Aloe Vera?

Pete Steel Liliaceae Appearance Several varieties of Bulbinella Frutescens exist, some with long, thin racing green leaves, and some having a more yellowish leaf. The most common one is the yellow-flowered plant which looks a bit like a garlic chive but has round succulent leaves and grows to about 150mm (6ins)This is the bulbinella most […]

Understanding the Various Uses of Herb Plants

S. Reynolds Aromatic plants are part of the botanical world that offers a lot of advantages to the zoological world. Some of the advantages and uses of aromatic plants contain the use of aromatic plants in cooking, in providing different perfumes and in the healing of definite conditions of the body. Explicitly these plants are […]

Gardening Plants – Common Examples Of Creepers

Steven James The success of landscaping a garden mostly relies on the plants being utilized, since they are basically what make up the garden. And there are many kinds of plants available for garden usage, like creepers, trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, herbs, cactus and succulents. For this article, let us talk about creepers – any […]

Rainforest Plants – Ayapana

Tony Mandarich Family: Asteraceae Taxon: Ayapana triplinervis Synonyms: Eupatorium ayapana, Eupatorium triplinerve Common names: aypana, aiapana, aiapaina, aipana, cagueña, curia, daun panahan, daun perasman, diapalma iapana, diarana-guaco, japana, japana-branca, sekrepatoe wiwir, pool root, white snakeroot, yapana General Description: Ayapana is a small ornamental herb with aromatic leaves with interesting medicinal properties. It is a member […]

Herb Garden Plants For Italian Food Lovers

John Schepper Walk into any Italian restaurant and you’re immediately assaulted by the most wonderful smells. Italian herbs make Italian cuisine among the best in the world because these special herbs are a unique blend that not only adds flavor to food, but makes a wonderful addition to landscape designs. Some of the most popular […]

Yesterday’s Plants – Today’s Medicines

Mary El-Baz, PhD There’s a catch phase, “better living through chemistry” used to exalt the wonders of modern medicine to aid man kind. Yet, many of these medicines would not be possible without our medicinal plants. Nearly forty percent of all prescribed medicines are derived from plants and fungi or are designed from naturally occurring […]

Rainforest Plants – Amor Seco

Tony Mandarich Family: Fabaceae Genus: Desmodium Species: adscendens Common Names: amor seco, amor-do-campo, strong back, pega pega, margarita, beggar-lice, burbur, manayupa, hard man, hard stick, mundubirana, barba de boi, mundurana, owono-bocon, dipinda dimukuyi, dusa karnira, tick-clover General Description: Amor seco is indigenous to the tropics and grows just about anywhere, much like most weeds. It […]

Evergreen Shrubs And Hedges Are Important, Cold Hardy Landscape Specimen Plants

Patrick Malcolm Next to the landscape importance of trees is that of shrubs that grow in our gardens, parks, landscape foundation, street borders, and commercial landscapes. Thousands of different varieties of shrubs are grown to ornament lawns, yards, and borders, but only a few varieties are available to buy at your local nursery for planting, […]

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