Staghorn Fern Sapling / Anak Pokok Pakis Tanduk Rusa


Staghorn Fern Sapling / Anak Pokok Pakis Tanduk Rusa MCA1161

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Staghorn ferns naturally grow in rainforests, clinging to taller trees. The canopies of these trees block out most direct sunlight, though by no means do they completely darken things.
In the home your staghorn fern will appreciate something similar: a bright window but not one that gets blasted by the sun all day. Artificial lighting also works.
As mentioned earlier, the staghorn fern doesn’t take up water through its roots, so it’s not really useful to water the traditional way. In fact, you’ll probably soon end up with a rotting plant if you go that route.
For proper staghorn fern watering you’ll have to whip out your plant mister andor garden hose. In the home it’s probably a good idea to give your staghorn fern’s fronds a misting daily, especially during summer.
As for the more thorough waterings, you’ll likely be performing those around once a week during summer and once every two weeks during winter, depending on light and temperature. Soaking is the easiest way to go about this: place the plant in the bathtub or outside and run room temperature water over it. Then, let it drip dry and put it back in its place.
The staghorn fern is a typical jungle plant that does appreciate plenty of humidity. If your home has very dry air it might not be happy in there.
Try placing the plant in one of the more humid areas of the house, like the bathroom, or run a humidifier to keep the moisture levels up.
Again, you’ll have to think jungle here. The staghorn fern is totally happy indoors at room temperature and although it can take a little bit of cold it’s probably best not to let things drop below 50 °F/10 °C. Keep that in mind if you want to grow it outdoors.
Because this species is epiphytic, it will not do well at all when planted in the normal planter + soil combo.


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