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Rainforest Plants – Amor Seco

Tony Mandarich Family: Fabaceae Genus: Desmodium Species: adscendens Common Names: amor seco, amor-do-campo, strong back, pega pega, margarita, beggar-lice, burbur, manayupa, hard man, hard stick, mundubirana, barba de boi, mundurana, owono-bocon, dipinda dimukuyi, dusa karnira, tick-clover General Description: Amor seco is indigenous to the tropics and grows just about anywhere, much like most weeds. It […]

Evergreen Shrubs And Hedges Are Important, Cold Hardy Landscape Specimen Plants

Patrick Malcolm Next to the landscape importance of trees is that of shrubs that grow in our gardens, parks, landscape foundation, street borders, and commercial landscapes. Thousands of different varieties of shrubs are grown to ornament lawns, yards, and borders, but only a few varieties are available to buy at your local nursery for planting, […]

Indoor Plant Hire Improves Office Moral And Productivity

Rudy Ursem As a member of an indoor plant hire company in Sydney, Australia, we are well aware of the reaction people in offices have to indoor plants. When we freshly install plants the staff’s reaction is nearly always positive and welcoming, and most people would like to have a plant near their desk. The […]

Revolutionary Way to Grow Plants by Using LED Grow Lights

Joanna Hart A light emitting diode better known as LED is a semiconductor light. These devices are used for lighting. These LEDs have many advantages such as low consumption of energy, small size, long life, immense durability, and dependability. The advancement of science has permitted the production of cheap bright LED Grow Lights, which emit […]

A rose, by any other name…

PU Chien | 2022-10-30 06:00:29 | According to the vendors at the Serikin Market, these roses are cultivated at the Singkawang area in Kalimantan. ROSES are among a few flowers that have been a part of the human civilisation since the dawn of history. Some fossils found in several continents dated over 35 million […]

Greek Plants – Phrygana and Garrigue

Paula Cardigan The actions of man, who burned and destroyed the ancient forests that once fringed the Mediterranean basin, have irreparably damaged the natural environment over the course of history. Deforestation, performed in order to create space for farms and pastures, caused progressive desertification and impoverishment of the soil, which, left exposed, also suffered damage […]

Rainforest Plants – Chanca Piedra

Tony Mandarich Family: Euphorbiaceae Genus: Phyllanthus Species: niruri, amarus Common Names: Chanca piedra, quebra pedra, stone-breaker, arranca-pedras, punarnava, amli, bhonya, bhoomi amalaki, bhui-amla, bhui amla, bhuianvalah, bhuimy-amali, bhuin-amla, bhumyamalaki, cane peas senna, carry-me-seed, creole senna, daun marisan, derriere-dos, deye do, erva-pombinha, elrageig, elrigeg, evatbimi, gale-wind grass, graine en bas fievre, hurricane weed General Description: This […]

Humans and Animals Are Completely Dependent on Plants

T. O. Chuong Plants are useful to use in many ways. Plants provide us with the basic requirements for survival. The most important necessities of humans are food, clothing and shelter. They are fulfilled by plants to a large extent. Plants are the main source of food in the form of cereals, pulses, vegetables, fruits […]

Padi rosak lama terendam air

NOR AINNA HAMZAH | 2022-10-28 07:45:42 | TAMPIN: Pesawah di Kampung Londah, Gemas, di sini, kecewa apabila tanaman padi yang diusahakan mereka sejak Jun lalu kini rosak selepas terendam dengan air dalam tempoh lama ekoran hujan berterusan sejak seminggu lalu. Seorang daripada mereka, Azmi Alias, 48, berkata, dia sememangnya menunggu hasil padi seluas 2.1 […]

Rainforest Plants – Carqueja

Tony Mandarich Family:Asteraceae Genus: Baccharis Species: genistelloides Common names: Carqueja, bacanta, bacárida, cacaia-amarga, cacalia amara, cacália-amarga General Description: Similar to milk thistle, Carqueja is one of the best known and most widely used herbal medicines in Brazil and most of South America. Carqueja is a shruby perennial that grows in many terrains. It reaches heights […]

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